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Martin Kelly

US Government 101

By October 27, 2012

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As we head into the 2012 election, not only is the presidency at stake but also 1/3 of the Senate seats and all of the House of Representative seats are up for grabs. The outcome of the election could easily shift control of any these from one party to the other. As we get ready to exercise our civic duty and vote, it is a good idea to take a look at the basics of the United States Government and principles upon which it was founded.


November 1, 2012 at 2:12 pm
(1) Gerry says:

Great idea to know about basic government but today it is not important to about 80% of the people this % belong to political parties and just vote as the party directs them to vote people today say I’m a D or a R (not I’m a voter) the 80% really only know what the party tells them the other 20% of the people that do not belong to parties do not have to study government as they are aware of things that are going on in politics and government and do not follow what parties tell them they still have the old idea of what governbment should be they tell the government what they want and what the government should be doing the conditions in our country are due to political parties

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