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Connecticut Colony


Connecticut Colony - Thomas Hooker's Emigration

Connecticut Colony - Thomas Hooker's Emigration

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Year Connecticut Colony Founded:

c. 1635/1636; Colonists were moving into and starting towns in future Connecticut in 1635 but the main towns did not join together to form the Connecticut colony until 1636.

Founded By:

Thomas Hooker and a group of Massachusetts colonists.

Motivation for Founding:

Individuals from the Massachusetts colony moved to what would become Connecticut because they were looking for more freedom and financial opportunities.

Significant Events:

  • Pequot War - 1636-1637 - This 'war' was fought between the settlers in Connecticut and the Pequot Indians. By the end of the war, the Pequot Indians were decimated.
  • The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut were created in 1639. Many believe that this written Constitution would become the basis for the later United States Constitution.

Important People:

  • Thomas Hooker
  • Jonathan Trumbell

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