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Georgia Colony


Year Founded:


Founded By:

James Oglethorpe

Motivation for Founding:

In 1732, James Oglethorpe was given a charter from King George II to create a new colony which he would name Georgia. This was located between South Carolina and Florida. It had two main purposes: to serve as a place where debtors in prison could go to start anew and it served as a barrier against Spanish expansion from Florida.

Significant Events:

  • In 1733, a group of settlers joined Oglethorpe to found Savannah, Georgia.
  • Georgia began with the intention to have little landholding and no slavery. However, when it became a royal colony in 1752, plantations and slavey became a major part of the Georgian economy.
  • Georgia was in the first group of states to ratify the new Constitution after the Revolutionary War ended.

Important People:

  • George II
  • James Oglethorpe

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