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Rhode Island Colony


Year Founded:


Founded By:

Roger Williams

Motivation for Founding:

Roger Williams was banished to England by the Massachusetts Bay Colony for his beliefs in separation of church and state and freedom of religion. He fled and lived with the Narragansett Indians and formed Providence in 1636.

Anne Hutchinson was also banished for speaking out against the Church in Massachusetts Bay. She formed Portsmouth.

Two other settlements arose, and all four joined together with permission from England to form Providence Plantations – later called Rhode Island.

Significant Events:

  • This colony was the first to guarantee all its citizens freedom of worship.
  • The colony was founded on separation of church and state.
  • Rhode Island is known for its fierce independence.
  • The colony was the last to ratify the U.S. Constitution – after it had already gone into effect, and the government had been established.

Important People:


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