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Quotes from Richard Nixon

Nixon's Words


"The word politics causes some people lots of trouble. Let us be very clear - politics is not a dirty word."

"I would have made a good pope."

"Any culture which can put a man on the Moon is capable of gathering all the nations of the earth in peace, justice and concord."

"One reason we found the Chinese appeared to be so agreeable to deal with was their total lack of conceit or arrogance."

"The people's right to change what does not work is one of the greatest principles of our system of government."

"If being a liberal means federalizing everything, then I'm no liberal. If being a conservative means turning back the clock; denying problems that exist, then I'm no conservative."

"This office is a sacred trust and I am determined to be worthy of that trust."

"When the President does it, that means that it is not illegal."

"Government enterprise is the most inefficient and costly way of producing jobs."

"I brought myself down. I impeached myself by resigning."

"I am not a crook."

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