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Thomas E. Dewey


Birth: March 24, 1902, Owosso, Michigan

Death: March, 26, 1971, Bal Harbour, FL

Early Influences:

  • Born into a family of musicians
  • Parents died when he was nine years old
  • Given an orchestral post at Weimar in 1703 (age 18)


  • Graduated from the University of Michigan, 1923
  • Received his Law Degree from Columbia University

Major Accomplishments:

  • Special Prosecutor to investigate organized crime in New York City, 1935
  • Elected District Attorney for New York County in 1937
  • Elected the Republican Governor of New York in 1942, 1946, and 1950
  • The Republican Nominee for President in 1944 and 1948


  • Dewey is famous for narrowly losing the 1948 Presidential election to Harry Truman
  • Famous Chicago Tribune headline "Dewey Defeats Truman"

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