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Industrial Revolution Inventors

Top 10 Significant Industrial Revolution Inventors
Overview of the Industrial Revolution in America

The Industrial Revolution that occurred in the 19th century was of great importance to the economic future of the United States. Three industrial developments led the way to industrialization in America:

  1. Transportation was expanded.
  2. Electricity was effectively harnessed.
  3. Improvements were made to industrial processes.
Following is a list of key events and dates of the Industrial Revolution.
James Watt First reliable Steam Engine 1775
Eli Whitney Cotton Gin, Interchangeable parts for muskets 1793, 1798
Robert Fulton Regular Steamboat service on the Hudson River 1807
Samuel F. B. Morse Telegraph 1836
Elias Howe Sewing Machine 1844
Isaac Singer Improves and markets Howe's Sewing Machine 1851
Cyrus Field Transatlantic Cable 1866
Alexander Graham Bell Telephone 1876
Thomas Edison Phonograph, First Long-Lasting Incandescant Light Bulb 1877, 1879
Nikola Tesla Induction Electric Motor 1888
Rudolf Diesel Diesel Engine 1892
Orville and Wilbur Wright First Airplane 1903
Henry Ford Model T Ford, Large-Scale Moving Assembly Line 1908, 1913

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