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Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the United States


George Washington John Adams No Party Designation 1789-1797
John Adams Thomas Jefferson Federalist 1797-1801
Thomas Jefferson Aaron Burr
George Clinton
Democratic-Republican 1801-1809
James Madison George Clinton
Elbridge Gerry
Democratic-Republican 1809-1817
James Monroe Daniel D Tompkins Democratic-Republican 1817-1825
John Quincy Adams John C Calhoun Democratic-Republican 1825-1829
Andrew Jackson John C Calhoun
Martin Van Buren
Democratic 1829-1837
Martin Van Buren Richard M. Johnson Democratic 1837-1841
William Henry Harrison John Tyler Whig 1841
John Tyler None Whig 1841-1845
James Knox Polk George M Dallas Democratic 1845-1849
Zachary Taylor Millard Fillmore Whig 1849-1850
Millard Fillmore None Whig 1850-1853
Franklin Pierce William R King Democratic 1853-1857
James Buchanan John C Breckinridge Democratic 1857-1861

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Abraham Lincoln Hannibel Hamlin
Andrew Johnson
Union 1861-1865
Andrew Johnson None Union 1865-1869
Ulysses Simpson Grant Schuyler Colfax
Henry Wilson
Republican 1869-1877
Rutherford Birchard Hayes William A Wheeler Republican 1877-1881
James Abram Garfield Chester Alan Arthur Republican 1881
Chester Alan Arthur None Republican 1881-1885
Stephen Grover Cleveland Thomas Hendricks Democratic 1885-1889
Benjamin Harrison Levi P Morton Republican 1889-1893
Stephen Grover Cleveland Adlai E Stevenson Democratic 1893-1897
William McKinley Garret A. Hobart
Theodore Roosevelt
Republican 1897-1901
Theodore Roosevelt Charles W Fairbanks Republican 1901-1909
William Howard Taft James S Sherman Republican 1909-1913
Woodrow Wilson Thomas R Marshall Democratic 1913-1921
Warren Gamaliel Harding Calvin Coolidge Republican 1921-1923
Calvin Coolidge Charles G Dawes Republican 1923-1929
Herbert Clark Hoover Charles Curtis Republican 1929-1933
Franklin Delano Roosevelt John Nance Garner
Henry A. Wallace
Harry S. Truman
Democratic 1933-1945
Harry S. Truman Alben W Barkley Democratic 1945-1953
Dwight David Eisenhower Richard Milhous Nixon Republican 1953-1961
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Lyndon Baines Johnson Democratic 1961-1963
Lyndon Baines Johnson Hubert Horatio Humphrey Democratic 1963-1969
Richard Milhous Nixon Spiro T. Agnew
Gerald Rudolph Ford
Republican 1969-1974
Gerald Rudolph Ford Nelson Rockefeller Republican 1974-1977
James Earl Carter, Jr. Walter Mondale Democratic 1977-1981
Ronald Wilson Reagan George Herbert Walker Bush Republican 1981-1989
George Herbert Walker Bush J. Danforth Quayle Republican 1989-1993
William Jefferson Clinton Albert Gore, Jr. Democratic 1993-2001
George Walker Bush Richard Cheney Republican 2001-2009
Barack Obama Joe Biden Democratic 2009-

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