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Fast Facts: Terrorism

Oklahoma City Bombing
April 19th, 1995 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Group Responsible: Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were indicted and convicted for the bombing.
Synopsis: On April 19th at 9:00 AM, home-grown terrorist Timothy McVeigh parked a Ryder truck outside the Alfred P. Murreh government building loaded with explosives. At 9:02 AM the truck exploded taking the lives of 168 innocent people. His actions also wounded over five hundred and changed the lives of countless others.
America's Response: Timothy McVeigh was convicted of the terrorist crime and sentenced to death which was carried out on June 11, 2001. Terry Nichols was convicted of manslaughter and of conspiring with Timothy McVeigh. He received a life sentence in prison for his actions in this horrific crime.

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