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Definition of Abolition - American History - About.com
Abolition was the movement to end slavery in America.
The Abolition Timeline: 1820 - 1829 - African-American History
The 1820s planted the seeds for the burgeoning Abolition Movement of the 1830s.
Timeline of the Abolition Movement: 1830 - 1839
The Abolition Movement of the 1830s was filled with action. From the publication of Garrison's.
What is Abolitionism? - African-American History - About.com
Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, the abolition movement grew--first through through the religious teachings of the Quakers and later, through anti- slavery ...
Top Five Cities of the Abolition Movement - African-American History
This article is a list of the five cities that played an important role in the abolition movement.
Abolition Movement - 19th Century History - About.com
The abolition movement sought to end slavery and the international slave trade. In Great Britain reformers managed to ban the trade in slaves in 1807, but it ...
African-American Women and the Abolition Movement
Seven African-American women and their contributions to the anti-slavery movement.
Slavery and the Abolition Movement - African-American History
... the Pennsylvania Abolition Society · The Pennsylvania Abolition Society used moral suasion followed by political action as a method to abolish enslavement.
Black and White Women Abolitionists - Women's History - About.com
Women abolitionists -- profiles of women abolitionists, including African American abolitionists and white women who worked for abolition.
Apartheid Era Laws: Blacks (Abolition of Passes and Co-ordination ...
Blacks (Abolition of Passes and Co-ordination of Documents) Act No 67 of 1952 required all black persons over the age of 16 to carry a reference (or pass) book ...
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