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Definition of Abolition - American History - About.com
In terms of American History, the abolition movement fought for the end of slavery . Its goals were finally met with the passage of the 13th Amendment to the ...
Definition of Abolitionist - 19th Century History - About.com
The earliest opponents to slavery were considered far outside the mainstream of political thought, but by the 1840s and 1850s the abolitionist movement had a ...
The Abolition Timeline: 1820 - 1829 - African-American History
The 1830s may have marked the transformation of the abolition movement but the 1820s definitely laid the groundwork for the next decade. During this decade  ...
Top Five Cities of the Abolitionist Movement - African-American History
This article is a list of the five cities that played an important role in the abolition movement.
What is Abolitionism? - African-American History - About.com
Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, the abolition movement grew--first through through the religious teachings of the Quakers and later, through anti- slavery ...
Timeline of the Abolition Movement: 1830 - 1839
The abolition of slavery began in 1688 when German and Dutch Quakers published a pamphlet denouncing the practice. For more than 150 years, the abolition ...
Black and White Women Abolitionists - Women's History - About.com
Women abolitionists -- profiles of women abolitionists, including African American abolitionists and white women who worked for abolition.
Slavery and the Abolition Movement - African-American History
Slavery and the Abolition Movement. The nearly 250-year history of slavery in the United States had a profound effect on African-American history. In this section ...
William Lloyd Garrison | Biography of the Abolitionist
William Lloyd Garrison, the abolitionist publisher of The Liberator, was an ardent crusader against slavery.
Abolition Movement - 19th Century History - About.com
The abolition movement sought to end slavery and the international slave trade. In Great Britain reformers managed to ban the trade in slaves in 1807, but it ...
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