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Allan Pinkerton and his Detective Agency
Learn about Allan Pinkerton and the origins of the Pinkerton Detective Agency with this brief history from its earliest beginnings.
Allan Pinkerton - Head of US Military Intelligence During Civil War
Image of Allan Pinkerton, Head of Military Intelligence of the United States Government.
19th Century in American History - About.com
How Allan Pinkerton Formed the Pinkerton Detective Agency · Find out about Allan Pinkerton, the man behind the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Share.
Abraham Lincoln and Allan Pinkerton - Secondary Education
Image of President Lincoln with Allan Pinkerton and General John McClernand at the Antietam battlefield. Learn more about Allan Pinkerton and his role in the ...
General McClernand's Political Maneuvering and Abraham Lincoln
Photo of President Lincoln with Allan Pinkerton and General John McClernand at Antietam. Learn about General McClernand with this article.
Allan Pinkerton - Head of Military Intelligence - Secondary Education
Civil War photograph of Allan Pinkerton, head of military intelligence for the United States Government.
Photographs of and About Abraham Lincoln - Civil War to ...
He and Allan Pinkerton accompanied Lincoln on their visit to the Antietam battlefield. ... Lincoln with Allan Pinkerton and General McClernand - Close View
Abraham Lincoln Was the Target of an Assassination Plot in ...
During his railroad journey in February 1861 from Springfield, Illinois to Washington, D.C. to take office, Lincoln was accompanied by Allan Pinkerton, a detective ...
19th Century History: People and Events of the 1800s
Engraved portrait of Edgar Allan Poe - Hulton Archive/Getty Images ... Allan Pinkerton, a famous detective of the mid-1800s, thwarted Lincoln assassins and later ...
The Homestead Steel Strike of 1892
Battle of Strikers and Pinkertons Shocked America in 1892 .... On the night of July 5, 1892, approximately 300 Pinkerton agents arrived in .... By Allen Grove.
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