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Fast Facts About the American Presidents - American History
Biographical fast facts about the Presidents of the United States.
President Pictures | Images of US Presidents - American History
Here are pictures of each of the presidents of the United States.
The Presidents - American History - About.com
Biographical fast facts and links to more info about US Presidents 1 - 10, from George Washington to ... American History Historical Figures and Important People ...
American First Ladies: 1789 - Present - Women's History - About.com
While the wives of American presidents haven't always been called "first ladies," the first wife of an American President, Martha Washington, went far in ...
How Many Presidents Were Assassinated? - American History
How many American presidents were assassinated? Find out with this FAQ about the American presidents.
"Chunking" Information to Memorize the Presidents
Begin memorizing by remembering this list of the first eight presidents. To remember any group of presidents, you might want to employ a mnemonic device , ...
Chart of the Presidents - American History - About.com
Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the United States ...
The U.S. Presidents - List - 20th Century History - About.com
A list of the U.S. presidents, starting with George Washington (1789-1797) and ... Picture courtesy of The Center for American History, The University of Texas at ...
US Presidents - American History - About.com
Learn more about the US Presidents through these resources. Explore the lives of the presidents and find out more about each presidents words and actions.
American Presidents With Beards - List - US Politics - About.com
Read a complete list of American presidents with beards. Find out which presidents wore beards. See who were the first and most recent presidents to wear ...
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