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American Revolution - Revolutionary War
The struggle for independence in the american revolution created a new nation founded on principles from the Enlightenment thinkers. Read the documents ...
Causes of the American Revolution - American History From About
The American Revolution began in 1775 as open conflict between the united thirteen colonies and Great Britain. By the Treaty of Paris that ended the war in ...
Treaty of Paris (End of American Revolution) - Text
Following is the Treaty of Paris which officially ended the American Revolution. In the name of the most holy and undivided Trinity. It having pleased the Divine ...
American Revolution 101 - Revolutionary War - Military History
The American Revolution was fought between 1775 and 1783, and was the result of increasing colonial unhappiness with British rule. During the American ...
American Revolution - Military History - About.com
Fought between 1775 and 1783, the American Revolution saw the Thirteen Colonies gain their independence from Great Britain. Here we look at the battles that ...
The American Revolution: Causes of Conflict - Military History
The American Revolution was caused as a result of increasing colonial unhappiness with the policies of the British government. Following the French and Indian ...
Complete List of American Revolution Battles - Military History
Fighting during the early years of the American Revolution was generally in the North. Around 25000 Americans died, while another 25000 were wounded.
mercantilism - background to the american revolution
Mercantilism is the idea that colonies existed for the benefit of the Mother Country . In other words, the American colonists could be compared to tenants. Another ...
Europe and the American Revolutionary War - European History
Fought between 1775 and 1783, the American Revolutionary War / American War of Independence was primarily a conflict between the British Empire and ...
American Revolution - Siege of Boston - Military History - About.com
Surrounding the British in Boston, the American army grew in strength as ... The Siege of Boston occurred during the American Revolution and began April 19, ...
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