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The Boston Massacre (American Revolution) - American History
Who is to blame for the Boston Massacre? Was it truly an act of tyranny or just an unfortunate event of history? Read the conflicting testimonies here.
The Boston Massacre - John Adams and Captain Preston
This FAQ asks about why John Adams chose to defend British Captain Preston after the Boston Massacre.
Events Leading to the American Revolution Timeline
August - Boston merchants begin a policy of nonimportation of British luxury goods as ... March 5 - Boston Massacre occurs killing five colonists and injuring six.
American Revolution: The Boston Massacre
The Boston Massacre took place on March 5, 1770, and helped lead to the American Revolution. The Boston Massacre saw a mob clash with British troops as ...
A Biography of Crispus Attucks, Sailor - African-American History
A profile of Crispus Attucks, an African-American sailor who was the first killed in the 1770 Boston Massacre.
the boston massacre - background to the american revolution
The Boston Massacre was the first violent clash between the colonists and British soldiers. Find some great primary and secondary resources including ...
10 British Violations That Caused the American Revolution
In the wake of the Boston Massacre, and given the particular sense of conflict in the pre-Revolutionary years, this was as traumatic as it was inconvenient.
American Revolution Causes - Military History
Townshend Acts to the Boston Massacre. Still seeking a way to generate revenue , Parliament passed the Townshend Acts on June 29, 1767. An indirect tax, the ...
American Revolution General Thomas Gage Biography
On March 5, 1770, the situation came to a head with the Boston Massacre. ... Departing on June 8, 1773, Gage missed the Boston Tea Party (December 16, ...
The Intolerable Acts (1774) - American Revolution History
Many in the colonies felt it was unnecessary as British soldiers had received a fair trial after the Boston Massacre. Dubbed the "Murder Act" by some, it was felt ...
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