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What Is the Necessary and Proper / Elastic Clause? - American History
Question: What is the necessary and proper clause? Answer: Also known as the " elastic clause," this clause is one of the most powerful in the Constitution.
Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase - American History
While it a National Bank was not expressly mentioned in the Constitution, Hamilton felt that the elastic clause (Art I., Sect. 8, Clause 18) gave the government the ...
Alexander Hamilton and the National Economy - American History
Hamilton, however, argued that the Elastic Clause of the Constitution gave the Congress the latitude to create such a bank because in his argument it was in fact ...
The Federalist Papers No. 33 - US Government Info - About.com
The last clause of the eighth section of the first article of the plan under consideration .... Article I, Section 8 · What Is the Necessary and Proper / Elastic Clause?
What Is the Constitution? Video
The Constitution is the foundation of American law. Watch this About.com video to learn how the Constitution developed and what it establishes for United ...
Federalist Papers - American History - About.com
What is the necessary and proper clause? What does the Constitution say ... Why Is the Constitution's Elastic Clause So Important? American History From About ...
The Federalist Papers No. 78 - US Government Info - About.com
... each other, and neither of them containing any repealing clause or expression. .... About US Government · What Is the Necessary and Proper / Elastic Clause?
Census Form Privacy - Geography - About.com
... About US Government · BIA Indian Census Rolls 1885-1940 · Genealogy Glossary - mortality schedule · What Is the Necessary and Proper / Elastic Clause ?
Part 1 - US Military - About.com
Related Articles. The 6 Core Principles Behind the US Government · Why Is the Constitution's Elastic Clause So Important? U.S. Constitution - Article VI ...
Ergative - Grammar and Composition - About.com
English marks both the subject of an intransitive clause and that of an intransitive clause as nominative, and the object of the ... stretch I stretched the elastic.
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