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Top 10 Significant Presidential Elections
What presidential elections have been the most significant? Here is a list of the top ten presidential elections in American History.
U.S. Election of 1800 – Thomas Jefferson vs. John Adams
... Religion & Spirituality · Sports · Videos. Share this. About.com · About Education · American History . . . Government and Politics · Presidential Elections  ...
State Election Boards and Information - US Government - About.com
For the latest information on state and federal elections, including presidential primaries and caucuses, you need to visit the agency in your state responsible for  ...
Presidential Elections of the 19th Century - 19th Century History
These articles about some of the most significant campaigns and elections of the 1800s highlight how politics changed throughout the century, and how some of ...
Canadian Elections - Federal and Provincial Elections in Canada
Research election results, MPs and MLAs, ridings and electoral districts, eligibility to vote and voters lists for Canadian federal elections and provincial elections ...
How Do Gubernatorial Elections Work? Video
Gubernatorial elections decide a state governor and function similarly to the presidential election. Watch this About.com video which explains the difference ...
About the Midterm Congressional Elections - US Government
US Midterm Congressional Elections Offer Americans a Chance to 'Throw the Rascals Out'. JayDanny Cooper/Getty Images. Every two years the midterm ...
Why Many Americans Fail to Vote in Elections - US Government
Why Don't More Americans Vote? Two-Thirds Say Special Interests Control Elections. By Robert Longley · US Government Expert. Share this ...
Why the Presidential Primary Elections are So Important
Here come the presidential primary elections. How many times do we have to vote for president, anyway? Why can't we just go to the polls once in November ...
Biggest Wave Elections - Modern History - US Politics - About.com
Some of the biggest wave elections in American political history have come in midterm elections, at the midway point between a president's four-year term.
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