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Chart of the First Ladies - American History - About.com
This informative chart gives quick reference information on the ...
Top 10 Most Influential First Ladies of the United States
A few first ladies even played an important role within their husband's administration itself. As a result, the role of first lady has evolved over the years. Each first ...
First Ladies of the United States - Picture Gallery of First Ladies
A gallery of pictures of America's first ladies, wives of the presidents.
American First Ladies: 1789 - Present - Women's History - About.com
First Ladies -- the women who've married American presidents, and a few other female relatives who've fulfilled the hostess role -- have been a wildly diverse lot  ...
First Ladies Around the World - Women's History - About.com
First Ladies Around the World. Wives of American presidents, wives of heads of state of other nations and in history, and wives of U.S. governors.
First Ladies - United States - By Individual
Women whose husbands were US presidents, plus official hostesses who served in the White House in lieu of a First Lady.
American First Ladies -- Collective Information - Women's History
First Ladies -- wives of heads of state, including US presidents and US governors . Also information about the role of the First Lady.
First Ladies Gold Coins - About.com
Photo gallery of the First Spouse gold coins issued in conjunction with the Presidential Dollars. These coins show the first ladies of the U.S. for presidents who ...
Africa's First Ladies - Africa Travel - About.com
Jan 4, 2010 ... I'm curious about how these first ladies decide to divide their official duties. I bet there are some other first ladies out there who wouldn't mind a ...
First Ladies National Historic Site and Library - Canton Ohio
Oct 3, 2013 ... Located in the heart of downtown Canton, the First Ladies National Historic Site is the former home of First Lady Ida Saxton McKinley.
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