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James Oglethorpe - Founder of Georgia
Learn all about James Oglethorpe, the philanthropist founder of the Georgia Colony.
Georgia Colony - American History - About.com
In 1732, James Oglethorpe was given a charter from King George II to create a new colony which he would name Georgia. This was located between South ...
Chart of the Thirteen Original Colonies - Basic ... - American History
... Sir George Carteret, 1702. New York · 1664, Duke of York, 1685 · Pennsylvania · 1682 · William Penn, N/A. Georgia, 1732, James Edward Oglethorpe, 1752 ...
James Edward Oglethorpe Coloring Page - Homeschooling - About ...
Georgia Printables - Georgia Coloring Page - James Edward Oglethorpe. Print the Georgia coloring page and color the picture.
Colonial Governments of the Thirteen Colonies - American History
General James Oglethorpe led the settlement at Savannah as a refuge for the poor and persecuted. In 1753, Georgia became a royal colony, setting up an ...
Learn About the 13 American Colonies Video
Georgia was last, founded by James Oglethorpe at the crown's command to establish a colony between South Carolina and Florida, becoming a royal colony in ...
Causes of the War of Jenkins' Ear - Military History - About.com
Overseas, Governor James Oglethorpe of Georgia mounted an expedition into Spanish Florida with the goal of capturing St. Augustine. Arriving in June, he ...
Savannah Georgia - Gay Events Calendar - Gay Travel - About.com
The jewel of Georgia's lazily enchanting coast, Savannah was founded in 1733 by British General James Oglethorpe, who designed the perfect grid of streets ...
National Parks - Georgia - National & State Parks - About.com
James E. Oglethorpe in 1736-48 during Anglo-Spanish struggle for control of what is now the southeastern US. Fort Pulaski National Monument Here in 1862  ...
1726 - 1750 - American History Timeline - About.com
Georgia becomes a colony out of land from the South Carolina territory when the Charter of 1732 is issued to James Oglethorpe and others. Construction begins ...
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