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The Social Contract - Definition and Origins - American History
Jean Jacques Rousseau and John Locke each took the social contract theory one step further. Rousseau wrote The Social Contract, or Principles of Political ...
Popular Sovereignty - Definition - American History - About.com
The theory evolved from the writings of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean Jacques Rousseau. Popular sovereignty is one of the six foundational principles  ...
Constitutional Convention - Profile of the Constitutional Convention
The Constitution itself was based on many great political writings including the Baron de Montesquieu's The Spirit of the Law, Jean Jacques Rousseau's Social  ...
biography of Jean Jacques Rousseau - swiss philosopher and ...
Here is a biography on the life of Jean Jacques Rousseau. It was created using the educational biographical framework.
Rousseau - Philosophy - About.com
Jean-Jacques Rousseau is a central figure in early modern philosophy, and one of the most influential intellectuals of the Enlightenment. He is the author of "On ...
Rousseau and the Consent of the Governed - Secondary Education
Jean Jacques Rousseau believed that the government could only be legitimate if it was established by the consent of the governed.
French Quotations - French Language - About.com
Jean-François REGNARD, Le Joueur, acte I, scène 2. When love wants to speak, ... Jean-Jacques ROUSSEAU, Du contrat social, livre IV. Whoever blushes is ...
Rousseau on Women and Education - Women's History - About.com
A quotation from Rousseau on what women should be taught.
US Political Theory - Foundational Thinkers - US Politics - About.com
Jean-Jacques Rousseau (28 June 1712 - 2 July 1778). Rousseau was born in Geneva but lived much of his life in Paris and Venice. In 1762, he published The  ...
Marie Antoinette and "Let Them Eat Cake" - European History
Jean-Jacques Rousseau mentions a variation in his autobiographical ' Confessions', where he relates the story of how he, on trying to find food, remembered the ...
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