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Definition of Manifest Destiny - American History From About
Manifest Destiny was the drive of Americans to claim the continent from Atlantic to Pacific.
The Mexican War and Manifest Destiny - American History From About
In the 1840s, America was struck with the idea of manifest destiny: the belief that the country should span from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Two areas stood ...
Westward Expansion - Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion
Westward Expansion, what America saw as it's Manifest Destiny others saw as expansionism. Americans of the past believed in the idea of 'Manifest Destiny'.
Definition of Manifest Destiny - 19th Century History - About.com
Definition: The phrase Manifest Destiny began to be used in the early 1840s to provide justification for United States expansion westward, into Oregon, Texas, ...
Manifest Destiny - Agnosticism / Atheism - About.com
Glossary of Religion and Philosophy - Manifest Destiny.
Manifest Destiny Definition - Rodeo - About.com
Definition of the term Manifest Destiny as it applies to the history of rodeo.
American Manifest Destiny Definition and Effects
The term "Manifest Destiny," which American writer John L. O'Sullivan coined in 1845, describes what most 19th-Century Americans believed was their ...
Frederick Jackson Turner - American History From About
Information and resources to aid in the study of Manifest Destiny. Elsewhere on the Web: Turner's The Frontier in American History Entire text of Frederick ...
Books That Inspired Westward Expansion - Emigrant Guidebooks ...
A Business in Emigrant Guidebooks Made Manifest Destiny Practical ... In a sense, Frémont's writings made Manifest Destiny a practical goal for many settlers.
John C. Frémont - Biography of Explorer - 19th Century History
John C. Frémont was a controversial figure who explored the American West and was hailed as a living symbol of Manifest Destiny.
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