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Abraham Lincoln Assassination Conspiracies - American History ...
The first of three pages about Lincoln's death offers what's undisputed, as in introduction to unravelling the many mysteries and conspiracy theories.
Pancho Villa - Who Killed Pancho Villa - Latin American History
A Murder Conspiracy That Went All the Way to the Top ... Most historians believe the death of Villa played out something like this: Lozoya, the crooked former ...
Conspiracy Theories Surrounding John Lennon's Murder
Question: What are the conspiracy theories surrounding John Lennon's murder? Answer: Many theories surround John's murder, as will always surround the ...
Who Killed Princess Diana? - Urban Legends
A decade-and-a-half on, conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Princess Diana have finally been laid to rest. Or have they? The crash occurred just after ...
Murdered Popes: Crime and Conspiracy in the Vatican
Today the Catholic Pope is a generally respected figure, but that hasn't always been the case. Some have been very despicable people, involved in all sorts of ...
Who Led the Conspiracy to Assassinate Julius Caesar
Ancient Historians on the Conspiracy and Assassination of Julius Caesar ... Everything You Need to Know About the Black Death · By Melissa Snell · Medieval ...
Assassination of Robert Kennedy - 20th Century History - About.com
Just as in the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., many people believe there was also a conspiracy involved in the murder of Robert ...
The Clinton Body Count - Urban Legends
Jan 23, 2007 ... Not one news source reporting on her murder suggests that Mahoney ... Conspiracy theorists have alleged that X-rays of Brown's head showed ...
The Death of Stalin (Historical Myths and Truth) - European History
The myth of Stalin's death is often given by people wishing to point out how Stalin seemed to escape all legal and moral punishment for his many crimes: where ...
Assassination of Lincoln - Overview and Images - 19th Century History
It was immediately apparent that Lincoln's murder was part of a conspiracy. While the planned attack on Vice President Johnson hadn't happened, Secretary of ...
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