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Top 10 Significant Presidential Elections
What presidential elections have been the most significant? Here is a list of the top ten presidential elections in American History.
Presidential Election - 2000 - Bush vs Gore - American History
The presidential election of 2000 was the cause of much uproar and consternation. It was so close and the ... Government and Politics · Presidential Elections ...
U.S. Election of 1800 – Thomas Jefferson vs. John Adams
Government and Politics · Presidential Elections ... There were no “official” vice presidential candidates in the election of 1800. According to the US Constitution,  ...
Presidential Elections of the 19th Century - 19th Century History
The presidential campaigns of the 1800s could be raucous affairs, with iconic ... These articles about some of the most significant campaigns and elections of the  ...
Printable Presidential Elections Quiz - English as 2nd Language
This quiz is for in-class use and does not have the answers provided. Take the interactive version of the Presidential Elections Quiz for correct answers and ...
Presidential Elections - Reading Comprehension
This reading comprehension focuses on Presidential elections. It's followed by key vocabulary relating to the US elections system and a follow-up quiz to test ...
Presidential Elections and the Economy - Economics - About.com
An examination of the relationship between the economy, job growth, and a President's chances of getting reelected. We examine six Presidential elections from ...
Landslide Presidential Elections - List - US Politics - About.com
Learn about some of the most famous landslide presidential elections in American political history. Find out which candidates won landslide presidential ...
Puerto Rico and U.S. Presidential Elections - US Government
Find out whether voters in Puerto Rico can vote in U.S. presidential elections. Learn about the laws that govern U.S. territories voters in American politics.
Presidential Elections and Stock Market Returns - Money Over 55
Every four years, the same question, “It's an election year, what will the stock market do?” I keep a crystal ball on my desk just for these occasions. When asked ...
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