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Order of Secession During the American Civil War - American History
Here is a chart showing the order of secession from the Union. South Carolina was first on December 20, 1860. Tennessee was the 11th on June 8,1861.
Overview of the American Civil War - Secession - American History
Here is an overview of the American Civil War. Learn about secession, the war, its aftermath, its major battles, and much more.
Pre-War and Secession - American History - About.com
Pre-War and Secession. Many of the events that led up to the secession of the Southern States, and catapulting this country into its most devastating war.
Definition of Secession - 19th Century History - About.com
Secession was the act by which a state left the Union. The Secession Crisis of late 1860 and early 1861 led to the American Civil War when southern states ...
President James Buchanan and the Secession Crisis
As talk in the South about secession was quite serious, it was expected that the president would do something to reduce tensions. In that era presidents did not ...
Secession of the Plebs - About the Secession of the Plebs
Since the patricians needed the physical bodies of the plebeians as fighting men, the plebeian secession was a serious problem. The patricians had to yield to ...
Texas Secession Video - Let Texas Secede - Funny Video
A funny video pointing out the obvious fact that we would all be better off if Texas seceded from the Union.
Top Five Causes of the Civil War - American History
Leading up to Secession and the Civil War ... nullification would not work and states felt that they were no longer respected, they moved towards secession. Ads.
California's Letter of Secession - Political Joke - Political Humor
California informs President Bush that it is seceding from the Union, along with the rest of the blue states.
Misspelled Secession Sign - Secede or Secdee from the Union?
Secessionists try and fail to spell secede in a protest sign.
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