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Spanish American War Essentials - American History - About.com
Here are the essentials that you should know about the Spanish American War.
Spanish American War - War With Spain
Spanish American War Essentials Here are the essentials that you should know about the Spanish American War. Buffalo Soldiers at San Juan Hill Read this ...
Wars in American History
The following wars had a huge part in the shaping of America, its culture, and its people. American Revolution; Civil War; War of 1812; Spanish-American War ...
The Spanish-American War - Overview - Military History - About.com
Fought in 1898, The Spanish-American War saw the US win a quick victory. During the War, the US successfully invaded the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Cuba.
USS Indiana - BB-1 - Spanish-American War - Battleship - US Navy
USS Indiana (BB-1) was the first modern battleship built by the US Navy. Launched in 1893, USS Indiana (BB-1) saw action during the Spanish-American War ...
USS Oregon - BB-3 - US Navy - Spanish-American War
In 1898, USS Oregon famously rounded South America to join the US fleet off Cuba during the Spanish-American War. USS Oregon saw later service in the ...
USS Iowa - BB-4 - Spanish-American War - Battleships
Commissioned in 1897, USS Iowa was the service's first sea-going battleship and saw action during the Spanish-American War. USS Iowa was later sunk as a  ...
Battle of Santiago de Cuba - Spanish-American War - Military History
The climatic naval battle of the Spanish-American War, the Battle of Santiago de Cuba resulted in a decisive victory for the US Navy and the complete ...
Battle of Manila Bay - George Dewey - Spanish-American War
George Dewey's US Squadron destroyed the Spanish fleet at Manila Bay on May 1, 1898. The victory opened the way for the US conquest of the Philippines.
USS Massachusetts - BB-2 - Spanish-American War - US Navy ...
Entering service in 1896, USS Massachusetts (BB-2) took part in the Spanish- American War. USS Massachusetts operated as a training ship during World War I ...
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