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Tecumseh's Curse and U.S. Presidents Who Died in Office
His death would be seen as the first in a long series of what became known as Tecumseh's Curse: Presidents elected in a year ending in a zero would die in ...
Question - Number of Presidents Who Were Assassinated
... William McKinley · John F. Kennedy. All four of them were killed by shooting. Interestingly enough, they were also all victims of Tecumseh's Curse. Learn More :.
William Henry Harrison Biography - Ninth U.S President
Tippecanoe and Tecumseh's Curse: In 1811, Harrison led a force against the Indian Confederacy in Indiana. Tecumseh and his brother the Prophet were the ...
Tecumseh | Native American Leader Opposed White Encroachment
One quirk of history became known as "Tecumseh's curse." William Henry Harrison, whose life intertwined with Tecumseh, was elected president in 1840, ...
US Presidential Assassinations and Assassination Attempts
One fascinating sidenote to presidential assassinations and deaths in office is Tecumseh's Curse whereby presidents starting with William Henry Harrison who  ...
President Abraham Lincoln - Fast Facts
Tecumseh's Curse Every president between William Henry Harrison and John F. Kennedy who was elected in a year ending with a zero was assassinated or ...
Was Abraham Lincoln the Victim of a Curse?
Was Abraham Lincoln killed by a curse? ... Was Tecumseh's Curse a Coincidence or Something More? Must-Know Fast Facts About Abe Lincoln · How Many ...
10 Things to Know About William Henry Harrison - American History
Harrison then burned the Indian village of Prophetstown in retaliation. This is the source of 'Tecumseh's Curse' which would later be cited upon Harrison's ...
James Garfield - Twentieth President of the U.S. - American History
This has been called Tecumseh's Curse. Read to find out more. Presidential Assassinations and Assassination Attempts This article looks at the presidential ...
U.S. President William McKinley - Fast Facts - American History
This is called Tecumseh's Curse. Ads. &ensp. &ensp. Territories of the United States Here is a chart presenting the territories of the United States, their capitals,  ...
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