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Chart of the Thirteen Original Colonies - Basic Information on the ...
Learn about the founding of each of the thirteen original colonies from this handy chart.
Overview of Colonial America - The Thirteen Colonies
This article provides an overview look at the thirteen colonies.
The Thirteen Colonies - Key Facts and Years Founded
A bulleted list of the thirteen colonies. The list includes colony name, year founded, and the founders of each of the colonies.
The Thirteen Colonies - Original States - Homework/Study Tips
Can you name the thirteen original colonies? Use this list and a tip to help you remember.
Learn About the 13 American Colonies Video
The colonies were divided into 3 sections based on their landscape and production ... 1726 - 1750 - American History Timeline · The Thirteen Colonies - Original ...
Colonial Governments of the Thirteen Colonies - American History
Learn about the nature of colonial governments in the thirteen colonies.
Thirteen Colonies Profiles - Information about Each of the Thirteen ...
Here are profiles of each of the thirteen British colonies. Find out more about their founding, their significance, and important people associated with each.
Colonial America - The Thirteen Original Colonies - American History
The colonies in America were diverse and cannot easily be categorized. Read about the daily life along with the individual histories of the first thirteen colonies.
Georgia Colony - American History - About.com
Our Expert Recommends. Colonial History Quiz · More on Colonial History · Chart of the Thirteen Colonies · More on the Georgia Colony ...
New Hampshire Colony - Significant Events - American History
Colonial History Quiz · More Colonial History · Chart of the Thirteen Colonies · More on the New Hampshire Colony · Massachusetts Bay Colony. Ads. &ensp.
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