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Chart of the Thirteen Original Colonies - American History - About.com
Learn about the founding of each of the thirteen original colonies from this handy chart.
Overview of Colonial America - The Thirteen Colonies
This article provides an overview look at the thirteen colonies.
The Thirteen Colonies - Key Facts and Years Founded
A bulleted list of the thirteen colonies. The list includes colony name, year founded, and the founders of each of the colonies.
The Thirteen Colonies - Original States - Homework/Study Tips
Can you name the thirteen original colonies? Use this list and a tip to help you remember.
Learn About the 13 American Colonies Video - Videos - About.com
In this video, learn how the U.S. countries were initially divided: New England, the Middle Colonies, and Southern Colonies.
Colonial Governments of the Thirteen Colonies - American History
Learn about the nature of colonial governments in the thirteen colonies.
Colonial America - The Thirteen Original Colonies - American History
The colonies in America were diverse and cannot easily be categorized. Read about the daily life along with the individual histories of the first thirteen colonies.
Connecticut Colony - Significant Events
Learn more about the Connecticut colony which was founded in 1635/1636, one of America's thirteen colonies.
Thirteen Colonies Profiles - American History - About.com
Here are profiles of each of the thirteen British colonies. Find out more about their founding, their significance, and important people associated with each.
New Hampshire Colony - Significant Events - American History
Founded in 1623 by John Mason, New Hampshire was a planned colony. ... Colonial History Quiz · More Colonial History · Chart of the Thirteen Colonies.
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