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Watergate - American History - About.com
Learn more about Watergate and Richard M. Nixon's resignation with these frequently asked questions and more.
Watergate Hotel Break In - American History - About.com
What are the basic facts of the Watergate Hotel break in?
Richard Nixon - Role in Watergate Cover-Up - American History
What was Richard Nixon's role in the Watergate Cover-Up?
Watergate Scandal - 20th Century History - About.com
U.S. President Richard Nixon resigned due to the huge scandal caused by the break-in at the Watergate building.
Watergate Scandal (1974) - US Political History
The Watergate scandal occurred during the presidency of Richard Nixon; it resulted in the indictment of several of Nixon's advisors and his resignation on 9 ...
Watergate Tape '18-Minute Gap' May be Recovered - US Government
America may at last know what was said during the famous 18 1/2-Minute Gap in the Nixon-Watergate audio tapes if the National Archives and Record ...
Who was Deep Throat - Watergate Scandal - American History
May 31, 2005 ... ... Who was Frank Wills in the Watergate Hotel break-in? What was CREEP? What was Richard Nixon's role in the Watergate cover-up?
Frank Wills and the Watergate Break-In - American History - About.com
Frank Wills was the security guard who found evidence of a break-in at the Watergate hotel. Learn more about his role here.
CREEP - Watergate Scandal - American History - About.com
What was CREEP and how was it involved with the Watergate scandal?
Qué es el caso Watergate y por qué es importante - Historia de EE.UU.
El caso Watergate hace referencia a un robo y sus posteriores intentos fallidos de ocultación y provocó la única dimisión de un presidente de Estados Unidos.
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