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20th Century in American History

The most amazing century, from Twain to Clinton.

Atomic Bomb
Inventions/Inventors Guide Mary Bellis tells the fascinating story of one of the biggest milestones in civilization.

Empire State Building
20th Century guide Jennifer Rosenberg gives us the story of one of the great architecural achievements. Every October it seems to light up in Yankee Blue!!

The First Airplane Crash
20th Century History guide Jen Rosenberg looks at the first airplane crash. Surprise!...It involved a Wright brother.

The 1900's--Timeline
This site from Archer and Valerie consists of various lifestyle and news headlines for each year in American History, and includes several .wav sound clips. Each section is one decade each.

Bay of Pigs Invasion
The disastrous attempt at invading Cuba, creating grave future problems for the United States, and President Kennedy in particular. This section is a quick overview of the site from Thinkquest, all of which can be accessed from this page.

Character Above All: Franklin D. Roosevelt
Excerpted from an essay by Pulitzer Prize-winning FDR biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin, this insight into one of our greatest presidents is part of the PBS "Character Above All" Essay Project, of lectures, a book, PBS special and a web site.

Cold War
An excellent text covering the tension-filled period of hostility and competition between the United States & the Soviets.

Interview With Norman Schwarzkopf
Examining the Gulf War in an oral history interview with the Commander-in-chief of the Central Command in the Gulf War.

Korean War Project
Full of images and ideas, from Heartbreak Ridge to the Truman-MacArthur conflict, the Korean War comes alive.

The Martin Luther King Directory and the Paper Project at Stanford
From the Martin Luther King Center in Atlanta, Dr. King's life; from the pulpit to Birmingham to the Nobel Prize to Memphis.

Trenches on the Web
Ev-er-y-thing about World War I. The depth and detail are quite astonishing. From photos to W.W.I movie listings to a W.W.I Artifact Virtual Reality site. The finest web site I have ever seen.

The U.S. Army in Vietnam
From the AMERICAN MILITARY HISTORY, Chapter 28, THE U.S. ARMY IN VIETNAM, by Vincent H. Demma. Lengthy, but the narrative of the war is worth the wait.

Vietnam Combat Art
20 years later, passions run as high as ever concerning the war in Vietnam. The visual art in this site will awaken all your senses.

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