1. Education

Jacksonian Era

Discover the people and events of the Jacksonian era.

1824: Jackson Invents the Popular Will
The goal of this page is inherent in its subtitle: "Popular Will" is Jacksonian Baloney. It brings up very interesting points about the Election of 1824 including the idea that Jackson did NOT win the popular vote in this much discussed election.

Brief Biography of Andrew Jackson
While the title says this biography is brief, it truly provides a great overview of Andrew Jackson's life and career as the 7th President of the United States.

Map of the Trail of Tears
Follow the root of the Cherokee as they were forcibly removed to the west along the 'Trail of Tears'. According to this site, more than 4000 individuals perished as a result of this terrible incident.

Samuel's Memory: The Trail of Tears
Samuel Cloud turned nine on the Trail of Tears. Read about this terrible event in American History as related by his great-great grandson, Michael Rutledge.

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