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Biographies A through F

Read the biographies of those individuals with last names A-F that are a part of America's history.

Thomas Dewey
Here is a biography of the politician Thomas Dewey.

Samuel Adams
Profile of Samuel Adams. Samuel Adams was a leader in the revolutionary war movement in Massachusetts and one of America's founding fathers. This profile looks at his life and accomplishments.

Biography of Lord Baltimore
Lord Baltimore, first George and then Cecil Calvert, were the founders of the Maryland colony. The Calverts were Catholics which resulted in their insistence of the separation of church and state and religious tolerance in the colony. Learn more about Lord Baltimore with this biographical sketch.

Judah P. Benjamin
The most trusted and perhaps the most famous of Jefferson Davis's Cabinet members, Judah Benjamin first held the position of Attorney General, then Secretary of War, and finally becoming the final Secretary of State of the Confederacy. Benjamin was the first Jew to become a US Senator. From the Jewish Heroes in America site.

Boss Tweed
Here is a biography on the life of William Marcy "Boss" Tweed from About Secondary School Educators Guide Melissa Kelly. It was created using the educational biographical framework.

Braxton Bragg
Demonstrating his superior strategic abilities, Bragg launched a campaign from Chattanooga during the late summer of 1862 that resulted in liberation of the State of Tennessee and near liberation of the State of Kentucky. Many consider this the high-water mark of the Confederacy.

William Jennings Bryan
William Jennings Bryan was known as the "Great Commoner". This eloquent political and religious leader was a Democratic Presidential candidate against William H. Taft. This brief biography can begin your study of this enigmatic man.

George Washington Carver
From fellow About.com guide Mary Bellis' excellent inventors site, the story of the life of one of the most prolific inventors in history: George Washington Carver.

Wilt Chamberlain
"Wilt The Stilt", "The Big Dipper", and a host of other nicknames; this literally larger-than-life man set NBA records that will never be broken. From the Topeka Capital-Journal.

The Life and Times of Ike Clanton
The leader of the Clanton Gang in the Gunfight at the OK Corral. Written by Terry Ike Clanton, a descendant.

Buffalo Bill and William Cody
Read about the dual life of this famous western figure. Created by Joshua Johns.

Christopher Columbus
Learn more about this famous explorer, his four voyages, his death, and his legacy.

George A. Custer
Various sections of Custer's life; from the George Armstrong Custer Net.

Jefferson Davis
Born in Kentucky not far from Abraham Lincoln in time or distance, the only President of the Confederacy was a decorated war veteran and politician. One of excellent "North Georgia" sites.

William Morris Davis
About.com Geography guide Matt Rosenburg brings you this fine bio of the "Father of American Geography".

Frederick Douglass
Escaping from slavery in 1838, Douglass became one of the great orators and leading African-American figures of the 19th Century. Part 1 of the biography from Sandra Thomas.

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel but turned it down. Read about the life and times of this influential scientist who despite his strict pacifism urged FDR to construct an atomic bomb for fear that the Nazis would soon be creating these terrible weapons.

Nathan Bedford Forrest
Both Grant and Sherman feared this man who entered the Confederate forces a private and left a general. Later the first head of the Ku Klux Klan, he left them when their extreme views conflicted with his. From the North Georgia web site.

Biography of Benjamin Franklin
Here is an biography of Benjamin Franklin. His life as a scientist, writer, politician, elder statesmen, and diplomat was hugely significant in the history of America. Learn more about Benjamin Franklin.

Buckminster Fuller
Another fine feature from Inventors Guide Mary Bellis on an amazing individual. Fuller achieved so much more than creating the Geodasic Dome.

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