1. Education
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Lord Baltimore



Sir George Calvert, Lord Baltimore
Sir Cecil Calvert, Second Lord Baltimore

Birth of Second Lord Baltimore:


Death of Second Lord Baltimore:


Nationality and Background:

Sir George and his son Cecil were British subjects rewarded with land in the new world. George was a Secretary of State to King James I. He was at first rewarded with a title to land in Newfoundland. He later asked James I's son, Charles I, for title to land north of Virginia that would become Maryland. This land was not signed over until after his death and was given to his son Cecil. The Calverts were Roman Catholic, a religion which most inhabitants of the New World were prejudiced against.

Historical Significance:

When Cecil Calvert, second Lord Baltimore, created the colony of Maryland, he formed it based on the ideas of freedom of religion and separation of church and state. Maryland, in fact, became known as a haven for Roman Catholics in the New World. Cecil governed Maryland for forty-two years.

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