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Battle of Shiloh



April 6-7, 1862


Shiloh, Tennessee in Hardin County, Tennessee. Another name for the battle was Pittsburg Landing.

Key Individuals Involved in the Battle of Shiloh:

Union: Major General Ulysses S. Grant and Major General Don Carlos Buell
Confederate: General Albert Sidney Johnston and General P.G.T. Beauregard

Brief Overview of the Battle :

Confederate forces led by General Johnston attacked Union General Grant's army at Pittsburg Landing. The Union forces were not prepared, but they still managed to hold their own until the arrival of General Buell's army and other reinforcements at Pittsburg Landing. Further, the Confederates lost their leader when General Johnston was killed by a stray bullet. On the second day, April 7th, Grant launched a counterattack and the Confederates retreated to Corinth.


Victory for the union forces. However, approximately 23,746 men died. Of those, 13,047 were Union soldiers. Despite a tactical victory, the union forces experienced greater losses.

Significance of the Battle of Shiloh:

This battle could have been a huge victory for the Confederacy. However, with its loss and the immense loss of human life on both sides, leaders began to realize that the Civil War would not quickly end.

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