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Civil War Documents Images and More

Documents, images, and more from the Civil War.

Civil War Pictures
Civil War pictures of African-Americans during the American Civil War.

Civil War Photographs
Over 200 Civil War pictures arranged by subject. These photographs give a first hand view of the war from casualties to battlefields to officers and soldiers.

Civil War Quiz
Do you have what it takes to be considered a Civil War guru? Take this quiz to find out.

The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850
Read the actual text of the Fugitive Slave Act that was part of the larger Compromise of 1850.

Gettysburg Address
"Four score and seven years ago..." begins President Abraham Lincoln in one of the great speeches in history.

Dred Scott Case (Scott vs. Sanford)- Supreme Court Decision
The text from this famous case that ruled slaves to be property. From the Cornell Law Supreme Court site.

The Crittenden Compromise
The Crittenden Compromise was perhaps the last-ditch effort to resolve the secession crisis of 1860-61 by political negotiation. Authored by Kentucky Senator John Crittenden it was an attempt to resolve the crisis by addressing the concerns that led the states of the Lower South to contemplate secession.

Declaration of Causes of Secession
Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas give their causes for secession. A lengthy text site, but then, they had a lot to say.

Constitution of the Confederate States of America
"We, the people of the Confederate States, ...establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity...do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Confederate States of America." Read it in it's entirety.

Cherokee Nation Declaration to Join the Confederacy
The Cherokees seceded from the Union right along with the Southern States. From Shotgun's Home of the American Civil War page.

Emancipation Proclamation
The proclamation that outlawed slavery for all wishing to join the Union; it reinforced a moral ground on which to fight the Civil War.

The Gettysburg Address: Drafts
Of the five known manuscript copies of , the Library of Congress has two. President Lincoln gave one of these to each of his two private secretaries, John Nicolay and John Hay. This site has holograph images and transcripts to both the Nicolay and Hay drafts.

Strieby Family Civil War Letters
Jeff & Kim Roller, descendents of William J. Strieby of the 30th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, provide a service history of the unit, with links to scanned images of letters between William and his wife.

Civil War Humor
A lengthy website of humorous essays concerning the war from Joel Craig. The sources of the incidents themselves are not cause for humor, but the descriptions are.

Civil War in Miniature
Roger & Tami Curry's page is crammed full of fascinating tidbits on the war, as well as excellent graphics & photos. The first section is good enough to make a "Best of.." ranking, but 36 more follow.

Uncle Tom's Cabin and American Culture
The book that gave a literary voice to slavery, and raised the consciousness of much of the United States towards slavery. This site from UVA is too involved to just present a section, as the sitemap leads to the political and sociological situation leading up to, and after the book's publication.

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