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Presidential Elections

Learn about the people, places, and events that make presidential elections so fascinating.

Election of 1932
The presidential election of 1932 was a significant election in American History. Franklin Roosevelt's Democratic Party came to power by forming the New Deal coalition that united groups that previously had not been associated with the same party. Learn more about the election with this profile.

Election of 1912
The presidential election of 1912 is an example of when a third party can have a huge impact on the outcome of an election. Theodore Roosevelt represented the Bull Moose Party and split the vote with the Republicans leading to the election of Woodrow Wilson.

Election of1800 Thomas Jefferson versus John Adams
The election of 1800 was one of the most significant in American history for many reasons. This profile looks at the key issues and facts about this election.

Barack Obama - President-Elect of the United States
Learn about Barack Obama, the apparent president-elect of the United States. Read about his childhood, his career pre-presidency, and his campaign for president.

Top Ten Significant Presidential Elections in American History
What presidential elections in American History have been the most important? Will history judge the 2008 election to be one of the top ten most significant presidential elections? Here is a list of the top ten significant presidential elections in American History.

World Series Presidential Predictor - Predicting the Election with Baseball
Can the winner of the World Series predict who will become President of the United States? Until 1976, it appeared that it could. Read this article to find out more.

Presidential Election 2004 Tracking and Polls
The 2004 Presidential Election between Senator John Kerry and President George W. Bush ended up not quite as tight as everyone thought it would be. Pre-election, political pundits claimed this election would be one of the most important ever. However, the significance of this election will not be determined until history has had time to judge.

Presidential Election - 2000 - Bush vs Gore
The presidential election of 2000 was the cause of much uproar and consternation. It was so close and the recounts, especially in Florida, led to lawsuits and more. Ultimately, George W. Bush was declared the winner over Al Gore.

Top 15 Presidential Campaign Slogans
Learn the background behind ten popular presidential campaign slogans.

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