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Free Civil War Games

Free Civil War Games for you to download and enjoy.

Line of Muskets - Tower Games
Tower Games is a site that provides both free and paid access to online games. Line of Muskets has three scenarios that are free civil war games. Here, you are a general during the Civil War. You make strategic and tactical decisions to fight battles. While you are not fighting the entire war, you are fighting battles against other people. This game is now available through Facebook.

Ata - Extracts from the American Civil War
This simulation of the American Civil War allows you to command your armies, fight battles, conquer states, and ultimately win the war. You might run into issues running the game if using Windows Vista.

Civil War Online - Free Civil War Game
Civil War Online is a full school online game that provides an immersive experience. As the site says, it is not for the casual player. Instead, it is "a military, economic, and political simulation of the American Civil War with both wargaming and roleplaying aspects."

Hidden Mysteries - Civil War
Similar to "I Spy" games, this hidden mysteries game allows users to search for objects in an immersive Civil War environment. You will be searching battlefields, letters, and more as you go through the storyline. The first hour is free and then after that you will need to buy the unlimited addition.

American Civil War: Gettysburg
This immersive game provides a 3-D experience of the Battle of Gettysburg. Take command of both the Union and Confederate forces and try to change the outcome of certain offensives or the entire battle. The combat it turn-based. You can download the free version and try it out before deciding to buy the full version.

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