1. Education

Geronimo, Apache Leader

Read about the important events in Geronimo's life.

Geronimo and Fort Pickens
Geronimo was one of the most feared indians of his age. He resisted the reservation as a way of life but eventually was captured. Read about what happened to this proud learder of the Apache from your About Guide to American History.

Geronimo and His Stay at Fort Pickens
Read about the fort that held the famous medicine man Geronimo after his capture by the U.S. Military.

Geronimo: His Life and Quotes
Discover the life story of this famous American Indian and read some of his famous quotes.

Prisoner of War
Read Geronimo's own account of his captivity at the hands of the U.S. Government. He candidly discusses his time at Fort Pickens and then at Fort Sill.

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