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California Gold Rush

Learn about the people, places and events of the California Gold Rush

Going to California: 49ers and the Gold Rush
Learn about the history behind the Gold Rush along with what actually happened to John Sutter.

California As I Saw It: First Person Narratives
These narratives from 1849-1900 give eyewitness accounts about the pioneer experience between the time of the Gold Rush and turn of the twentieth century. The text of these 190 documents is available online through the Library of Congress' American Memory Project.

California Gold Mining Terms
In 1876, Charles B. Turrill wrote about the terms and practices in use by gold miners in California. Very interesting reading for historians and genealogists alike.

The Discovery of Gold in California
John Sutter's own account of the discovery of gold on his property.

Gold Rush
From the Sacramento Bee, learn all about the history behind and the impact of the Gold Rush. Truly a great source of information.

John Augustus Sutter
Check out this brief biographical sketch of the man who started it all by a chance discovery of gold on his land.

San Francisco Gold Rush Chronology
Discover the key events of the California Gold Rush as collected by the Museum of the City of San Francisco.

Women in the Gold Rush
Learn about the important and often forgotten role of women in the California Gold Rush.

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