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Civil War Leaders North & South

Learn more about those who led the Union and the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Civil War Battles of Robert E Lee
Read all about the battles involving General Robert E. Lee during the US Civil War.

Civil War Pictures
Civil war pictures of confederate officials during the civil war.

Civil War Pictures
Civil war pictures of federal and confederate officials during the civil war.

Salmon P. Chase
Chase was the Secretary of the Treasury during the war, and helped establish a national banking system in 1863. He also was the sixth Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Stanton later, who presided over the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson for High Crimes and misdemeanors. This site is from Tulane University.

Edwin M. Stanton
Attorney General for Buchanan and Lincoln, Stanton was also the attorney for the first successful temporarily insane defense in this country. Stanton was also the Secretary of War for the Lincoln Administation. A nice site from England brought to you by John Simkin.

Jefferson Davis
Born in Kentucky not far from Abraham Lincoln in time or distance, the only President of the Confederacy was a decorated war veteran and politician. One of excellent "North Georgia" sites.

Alexander Stephens
This famed orator and student of the Constitution became Vice-President of the Confederacy despite voting against the secession of Georgia. From the Civil War home site.

Judah P. Benjamin
The most trusted and perhaps the most famous of Davis's Cabinet members, Judah Benjamin first held the position of Attorney General, then Secretary of War, and finally becoming the final Secretary of State of the Confederacy. Benjamin was the first Jew to become a US Senator. From the Jewish Heroes in America site.

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