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Great Depression & New Deal

Learn about America's lowest moment economically and the battle to recover from this low.

What was the Smoot-Hawley Tariff?
What is the Smoot-Hawley Tariff? What effect did it have on the Great Depression? Find out the answer to these and more questions.

What was the Great Depression?
What was the Great Depression? What does it mean when people use this term? Here are the basics of this important time in America's past.

Causes of the Great Depression
What were the top causes of the Great Depression in the United States? Here is a list of the top five causes of the Great Depression.

Top 10 New Deal Programs
Learn about the top ten programs that Franklin Roosevelt and the US Congress passed as part of the New Deal to combat the Great Depression.

New Deal Acronyms
The programs of Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal can be very confusing. They are often called 'Alphabet Soup'. Use this reference page to know what all of the acronyms mean.

Herbert Hoover Biography
Learn more about the thirty-first president of the United States, Herbert Hoover. This biography describes his early childhood through his career before the presidency to his time as president during the beginning of the Great Depression.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Biography
Learn more about the thirty-second president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt. This biography describes his early childhood through his career before the presidency to his time as president leading America through the Great Depression, New Deal, and World War II.

Great Depression Photos
Take a look at these photos of the Great Depression organized by subject ranging from migrant workers to the Civilian Conservation Corps.

A Case of Unemployment
Any study of the Great Depression has to start with the economy. Examine the recessions, recoveries and facts about unemployment during the 1930s.

Character Above All: Franklin D. Roosevelt

FDR Cartoons
Done by classes at Niskayuna H.S. Editorials with brief explanations about editorial cartoons concerning our 32nd President and his policies.

The Great Depression
Use this Table of Contents to explore the depth of information about the Great Depression. Look at graphs, timelines, audio and slideshows to give you a thorough look at the events of the 1930s.

History of the Tennessee Valley Authority
From the home site for the Tennessee Valley Authority, this history of one of the major programs of the New Deal is full of info and images.

Manuscripts From the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1940
Want to see the results of a New Deal program? Collected here are the 2,900 documents, written and researched by the Folklore Project of the U.S. Works Projects Administration (WPA) Federal Writers' Project, that chronicle the lives of Americans who lived at the turn of the century.

New Deal Document Library
Awesome resource of over 700 articles, speeches and letters. These well organized works will provide a wealth of information to aid any study of the New Deal Initiatives.

New Deal Network Library
Everything about the biggest government project in our nation's history. From cultural projects to constructions projects to social programs. Franklin to Eleanor to New Deal Celebrity Photos.

Timeline of the Great Depression and the New Deal
A lengthy timeline covering the period leading up to the Depression, through the period right before World War Two. From the Great Depression Homepage site, a great site from the late Steve Kangas.

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