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Hispanic-American History

The people, culture, and history of Hispanic-Americans

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the Mexican War which had begun on May, 1846. According to the treaty, the United States gained not only Texas but New Mexico and Upper California.

Hispanics in the Civil War
Over 13,000 Hispanics fought in the Civil War. The 1st Florida Cavalry was one of a number of Florida units containing men of Spanish ancestry which fought for the Confederacy. Learn more from the Hispanic America USA site.

Hispanic & World Timeline 1492-1542
Exploration & Colonization, 1492 to 1542. During the period of exploration, in one generation, approximately 300,000 Spaniards had emigrated to the New World. They established over 200 cities and towns throughout America.

Mexican-American War
This page, written by a high school student named John Heys, is a well-done academic analysis of the questions behind the origins of the 1846-48 war.

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