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Lincoln's Assassination

Read about the people and see pictures related to the assassination of President Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln Assassination Conspiracies
Numerous conspiracies surround the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Find information about each of the major conspiracies and an analysis of their plausibility. First look at the facts of the assassination.

Conspiracies Surrounding Abraham Lincoln's Assassination
Abraham Lincoln's assassination is rife with mystery. Was his death masterminded by Booth alone, by Jefferson Davis, by Secretary of War Stanton or even by the Roman Catholic Church? Find out more about the conspiracies in this article.

Discussion and Debate in the Case for Dr. Mudd
Think the conspiracy theories are a thing of the past? That is not the case. In fact, Dr. Richard Mudd recently brought legal proceedings to set aside the conspiracy conviction of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd. Read the observations of legal scholars on the strength of his case here.

Gen. Henry L. Burnett's Memories of the Assassination Trial
Brigadier General Henry Lawrence Burnett was special judge advocate and kept notes throughout the trial of the individuals that the United States government found guilty of conspiring to kill Abraham Lincoln. Here are over 50 pages of information from his personal papers.

Mrs. Surratt's Story
Mary Surratt has the distinction of being the first woman executed by the United States government. She was charged with and convicted of conspiring to kill Abraham Lincoln. Read this account of her life and death. From the Surratt House Museum Site.

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