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Read about the people and events important to Native American History.
  1. Native Americans - Old West

Pocahontas was a Powhatan Indian princess who became famous for saving Captain John Smith's life and marrying John Rolfe. Learn more about this fascinating woman through this profile.

Geronimo and Fort Pickens
Geronimo was an Apache medicine man fighting against being forced onto reservations. He and his band were captured at Skeleton Canyon in 1886. He was then sent to Fort Pickens in Pensacola, Florida where he was held and treated as a tourist attraction. Learn more about Geronimo and his time in captivity.

Biography of Chief Joseph
Read the tale of the famous Chief of the Nez Perce Indians. Chief Joseph always hoped the United States would begin to treat Native Americans better. There are links provided for further study.

Cherokee History
Fine history of one of the mightiest group of people on the planet. Part of Jordan Dill's breathtaking First Nations site.

First Nations Histories
Brief histories of most Native American tribes. Also includes many tribes long extinct.

Great Sioux Uprising
The starving Sioux rose up against broken promises by our government and killed nearly 500 people. The thirty-eight Sioux leaders hung as a result was the largest execution in our history. This chronology of the "Dakota Conflicts" are part of Douglas Linder's fine "Famous Trials" series.

Hernando de Soto's Spanish Conquest of Native America
From the book "Spanish Conquest of Native America" by Donald E. Sheppard. This site describes the four year, 4,000 mile Spanish Conquest of Native America beginning with Hernando de Soto in 1539.

Last Native American in Illinois to actively fight for his Nation's lands and sovereignty. The name given to him by whites was "Black Hawk." From Bob Fester's pages of great Native American leaders.

Massacre At Wounded Knee, 1890
Read the story of this horrific event in Native American History. This site also provides an eyewitness account of the massacre.

Read about the famous Native American Indian of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Discover the mystery that surrounds her eventual demise.

From the Tsalagi (Cherokee), this brilliant man is the only person to have invented an entire alphabet from scratch. He made his Nation literate. From Bob Fester's pages of great Native American leaders.

Spanish Conquest of North America
The fifteen year conquest of North America by the Spaniards in the 1500's was a time of devastation for many Native Americans from both conflict and disease. Read the history of Hernando de Soto's actions here.

Tatanka Yotanka
Better known as "Sitting Bull," this leader of the Lakota tribes was perhaps the most renowned chief in history. From Bob Fester's pages of great Native American leaders.

The Trail of Tears
Read about the history surrounding this tragic low point in Native American history. This site offers links to enable further study of the topics discussed.

The Treaty of Greenville
The Treaty of Greenville, one of the most important Native American treaties, marked the end of years of warfare between the United States and the Miami Confederacy.

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