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Timeline of Cochise


Possible image of Cochise

This is believed by some to be an image of Cochise.

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Cochise was Native American who lived and fought in the "Wild West" of the 1800s. This timeline presents information about his life and times.
  • 1812 ? - Born in present-day Arizona.
  • May, 1832 - Cochise is recorded in a fight with Mexicans on the Gila River.
  • 1836 - Cochise participates in a peace treaty at Arizpe, Sonora in Mexico.
  • 1847? - Sonora was attacked by the central band of Chiricahuas. Cochise is believed to have been in this band.
  • 1859 - Cochise was found by an Indian agent to be friendly to Americans, possibly hoping they would help in the fight against Mexico.
  • October, 1860 - A raid occurs at John Ward's ranch near Fort Buchanan. His cattle and stepson Felix Ward (also known as Mickey Free) were captured.
  • January 28, 1861 - 2nd Lt. George Nicholas Bascom was ordered to visit Cochise's camp at Apache Pass to recover the stock and the boy. Cochise claimed he had been taken by another group of Apache. Cochise was taken prisoner but was able to cut his way out of a tent and escape. The Americans still held prisoners and the Apache captured and killed it is believed six Americans. Bascom then ordered the hanging of six Apache prisoners. Within 60 days, approximately 150 whites were killed and five stage stations were destroyed.
  • July 15, 1862 - Battle of Apache Pass occurred. Apache retreated upon howitzer fire.
  • 1863 - Cochise becomes War Chief
  • 1867 - Thomas Jeffords meets with and becomes friends with Cochise. Hostilities abate.
  • September, 1870 - Cochise meets with Army officers in Fort Apache.
  • 1871 - Cochise surrenders to General George Crook but escapes rather than allow his people to be moved to a New Mexico reservation.
  • 1872 - General Otis Howard makes peace with Cochise and the Apache are moved to a reservation covering most of Southeast Arizona.
  • June 8, 1874 - Cochise dies at the reservation in Arizona.
  • 1876 - Chiricahua's reservation was terminated and the people were forced to move or flee.


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