1. Education

Persian Gulf Wars

Read about the background, events, and outcomes of the two Persian Gulf Wars.

Biography of Saddam Hussein
Learn about about the ex-dictator of Iraq with this brief biography created by the Secondary Education Guide.

Fast Facts About Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm
A great way to get quick and accurate information about the Operations of Desert Shield and Storm. This information is provided by About's U.S. Military Guide, Rod Powers.

Chronology of the Gulf War
A highly detailed chronology of the Persian Gulf War. When the action begins the timeline goes day-by-day. There are also links to further information.

Correcting Myths About the Persian Gulf War
There is detailed information about the Persian Gulf War with a look at some of the myths associated with the war.

Persian Gulf War
A quick overview of the war with information from the invasion of Kuwait to the bombing of Iraq in 1999. This encyclopedic entry offers links to additional information.

United States War Crimes During the Persian Gulf War
Read about the Persian Gulf War from a different perspective. There is information here from the origins of the war to the environmental devastation caused by the war.

War Stories From the Gulf War
Read or listen to the first hand accounts of the men and women involved in the war.

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