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Democratic National Conventions

List of Democratic National Conventions Since 1832


Here is a list of the dates and locations of the Democratic National Conventions that have occurred since 1832. The main purpose of the convention is to nominate a presidential and vice presidential candidate. Further, the Democratic Party adopts a party platform listing the principles and beliefs to which the party adheres. These individual beliefs are called planks.

The most Democratic National Conventions have occurred in Chicago. Further, the majority of conventions over time have happened in the month of July. The convention has met one time every presidential election cycle except in 1860. At that time, no nominee could be agreed upon in April and the convention met a second time in June where they agreed upon nominating Stephen Douglas as the Democratic Presidential candidate.

Democratic National Conventions

1832BaltimoreAndrew Jackson
1835BaltimoreMartin Van Buren
1840BaltimoreM. Van Buren
1844BaltimoreJames Polk
1848BaltimoreLewis Cass
1852BaltimoreFranklin Pierce
1856CincinnatiJames Buchanan
April 1860CharlestonNone
June 1860BaltimoreStephen Douglas
1864ChicagoGeorge McClellan
1868New YorkHoratio Seymour
1872BaltimoreHorace Greeley
1876St. LouisSamuel Tilden
1880CincinnatiWinfield Hancock
1884ChicagoGrover Cleveland
1888St. LouisG. Cleveland
1892ChicagoG. Cleveland
1896ChicagoWilliam Jennings Bryan
1900Kansas CityW. J. Bryan
1904St. LouisAlton Parker
1908DenverWilliam Jennings Bryan
1912BaltimoreWoodrow Wilson
1916St. LouisW. Wilson
1920San FranciscoJames Cox
1924New YorkJohn Davis
1928HoustonAlfred Smith
1932ChicagoFranklin Roosevelt
1936PhiladelphiaF. Roosevelt
1940ChicagoF. Roosevelt
1944ChicagoF. Roosevelt
1948PhiladelphiaHarry Truman
1952ChicagoAdlai Stevenson
1956ChicagoA. Stevenson
1960Los AngelesJohn Kennedy
1964Atlantic CityLyndon Johnson
1968ChicagoHubert Humphrey
1972Miami BeachGeorge McGovern
1976New YorkJimmy Carter
1980New YorkJ. Carter
1984San FranciscoWalter Mondale
1988AtlantaMichael Dukakis
1992New YorkBill Clinton
1996ChicagoB. Clinton
2000Los AngelesAl Gore
2004BostonJohn Kerry
2008DenverBarack Obama

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