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Republican National Conventions

List of Republican National Conventions Since 1856


Here is a list of the dates and locations of the Republican National Conventions that have occurred since 1856. The main purpose of the convention is to nominate a presidential and vice presidential candidate. Further, the Republican Party adopts a party platform listing the principles and beliefs to which the party adheres. These individual beliefs are called planks.

Most Republican National Conventions have occurred in Chicago. Further, the majority of conventions over time have happened in the month of June. The Republican convention has met one time every presidential election cycle since 1856 unlike the Democrats who met twice in 1860 since they were deadlocked after the first convention.

Republican National Conventions

When Where Who
1856 Philadelphia John C. Fremont
1860 Chicago Abraham Lincoln
1864 Baltimore Abraham Lincoln
1868 Chicago Ulysses Grant
1872 Philadelphia Ulysses Grant
1876 Cincinnati Rutherford B. Hayes
1880 Chicago James Garfield
1884 Chicago James G. Blaine
1888 Chicago Benjamin Harrison
1892 Minneapolis Benjamin Harrison
1896 St. Louis William McKinley
1900 Philadelphia William McKinley
1904 Chicago Theodore Roosevelt
1908 Chicago William Howard Taft
1912 Chicago William Howard Taft
1916 Chicago Charles Evan Hughes
1920 Chicago Warren G. Harding
1924 Cleveland Calvin Coolidge
1928 Kansas City Herbert Hoover
1932 Chicago Herbert Hoover
1936 Cleveland Alfred Landon
1940 Philadelphia Wendell Willkie
1944 Chicago Thomas Dewey
1948 Philadelphia Thomas Dewey
1952 Chicago Dwight Eisenhower
1956 San Francisco Dwight Eisenhower
1960 Chicago Richard Nixon
1964 San Francisco Barry Goldwater
1968 Miami Beach Richard Nixon
1972 Miami Beach Richard Nixon
1976 Kansas City Gerald Ford
1980 Detroit Ronald Reagan
1984 Dallas Ronald Reagan
1988 New Orleans George H. W. Bush
1992 Houston George H. W. Bush
1996 San Diego Bob Dole
2000 Philadelphia George W. Bush
2004 New York George W. Bush
2008 St. Paul John McCain
2012 Tampa Mitt Romney

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