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Federalist Party


Background for the Federalist Party:

The Federalist Party was led by John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, and John Marshall. It formed from the federalists who before the ratification of the constitution fought for a stronger federal government. They were opposed at that time by the anti-federalists who morphed into the Democratic-Republicans after ratification.

Key Points for the Federalist Party:

  • The federalist party was associated with the aristocracy and fought for the development of industry over agriculture.
  • Federalists typically favored allying with Great Britain over France.
  • The federalist party favored a stronger central government as opposed to stronger individual states.
  • End of the Federalist Party:

    A division occured within the federalist party during the War of 1812 that led to its demise. The last federalist presidential candidate was Rufus King in 1816.

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