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Imperialism / Progressive Era

Take a trip to the Age of Imperialism and the Progressive Era.

Who Were the Muckrakers?
This article takes a look at the major muckrakers of the Progressive Era and their works.

Intervention in Nicaragua
From the Internet Modern Library from Mount Holyoke, this is a speech from President Coolidge in 1926 on U.S. intervention in Nicaragua.

"Imperialism of Decadence"
A 1913 speech from Francisco Garcia Calderón, a Peruvian diplomat and write, criticizing U.S. imperialist policy, exploiting Latin Americans. From the Internet Modern Library.

American Interests in the Cuban Revolution
This is a speech from President Cleveland in 1896, two years before the Spanish-American War, on the American interests in Cuba, and the goings on there at the time, supporting the insurrection of the Cubans against Spain.

Chronology of the Spanish-American War
From the Library of Congress site, this is a timeline of the events leading up to the Spanish-American War in 1898.

How the Other Half Lives
Read and study Jacob Riis' classic text concerning the tenements of New York. Riis wrote this influential text in 1890.

Chronology for the Philippines and Guam
A timeline for the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and Guam. From the Library of Congress.

Philippine-American War
This site from The History Guy covers the war from 1899-1902. With a brief summary, figures, and links.

Jane Addams: Mother of the World
As this site states, Jane Addams championed many causes including the protection of immigrants, child labor laws, woman suffrage, and world peace. Addams is best known for opening Hull House to help immigrants in Chicago.

The Lords of Industry
A piece written by Henry Demarest Lloyd for North American Review in 1884 on the "robber barons" of industry. From the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.

Progress and Poverty
Henry George was virtually unknown when he wrote Progress and Poverty in the late 1800's. However, he soon became world famous because of his work on political economics. Read the entire text online.

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