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Prohibition Era

The people and events of the Prohibition era.

18th Amendment
The 18th amendment established prohibition. Read the text of the amendment here.

21st Amendment
The 21st amendment repealed the 18th amendment which had outlawed alcohol. Read the text of the 21st amendment here.

Prohibition Era Timeline
The Prohibition Era was a time of strife and upheaval for many. While the 18th amendment took away the right of individuals to drink alcohol, its success was short lived. This timeline takes a look at the key events that occurred during the Prohibition Era in American History.

Herbert Hoover's Acceptance Speech - 1932
Read the text of Herbert Hoover's address accepting the Republican nomination to run for a second term as president. In this speech, Hoover discusses the ills of prohibition and the need for its end.

Al Capone
Al Capone grew very wealthy using Prohibition to his advantage. This crime lord rose into the heights of celebrity and eventually became 'Public Enemy No. 1'. Read more from the Crime Library.

Eliot Ness
Crime Library takes an in depth look at Eliot Ness and his "Untouchables" as they fought crime and tried to uphold the Constitution by fighting against illegal alcohol.

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