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Spanish-American War

The causes and key events of this short-lived war between the United States and Spain over Spanish policies in Cuba.

Spanish American War Essentials
Here are the essentials that you should know about the Spanish American War.

Buffalo Soldiers at San Juan Hill
Read this paper by Frank N. Schubert describing the integral role the African Americans played at San Juan Hill. Theodore Roosevelt gets the credit but find out what really happened.

Centennial of the Spanish-American War
Read about three periods of the Spanish-American War: background, the war and the aftermath. This site offers several photographs to enhance your understanding of the war.

Chronology of the Spanish-American War
This detailed chronology covers from 1868 to 1902. Read about the events leading up to the war through the end of fighting with the Philippines.

The Spanish-American War
This overview essay of the war gives detailed information about the period and other pertinent information. There are also numerous links for further study.

Spanish-American War Medal of Honor Recipients
This site offers a complete list of the people that received a medal of honor from the war. There is also information about why they received it.

The War and the Yellow Scourge
Read about the culprit responsible for killing more men during the war than combat. The photographs really bring the tragedy to life.

Yellow Journalism
The Spanish-American War is often called the first 'media war'. Find out the media's role and discover where the term 'Yellow Journalism' originates.

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